The Governor’s Bill that is being considered RIGHT NOW only increases the Base Student Allocation (BSA) by about half of what is needed over three years and that’s NOT ENOUGH.

The ABCs of BSA

  • A) BSA is the source of most of the funds that make it to your student’s classroom.**
  • B) BSA is the best funding source for lawmakers to increase as it benefits all schools statewide.
  • C) BSA has not increased in 4 years—not even to cover the cost of inflation, let alone cost increases of everything that makes our schools work.

**State law puts a cap on what municipalities can provide for school funding and federal funds are primarily for special programs.

p.s. Knowledge is power – dive deeper into how school funding works by reading school funding 101

We will lose more teachers & staff without an increase of $400 this year and increases based on inflation after that.

3 Things You Can Do in 3 Minutes

  1. Join hundreds of other Alaska Parents and sign our petition!
  2. Stay informed! Add yourself to our mailing list.
  3. Email the Senate Finance Committee, Senate Leadership AND your own Senator (Click here to find out who that is!)

Senate Finance Committee:

Tell them to: Increase the BSA by $400 and  schedule increases to the BSA over the next two years to provide stability going forward – $125 and $125

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