About Us

Great Alaska Schools, A Citizen Coalition

Alaska’s kids deserve GREAT schools

Great Alaska Schools is a non-partisan statewide coalition of parents and community members concerned about the quality of public education and committed to making a positive contribution to Alaska schools.

We advocate for public education and the resources necessary to ensure every student in Alaska has access to great schools, great teaching, great learning.

Originally founded in 2004 as Alaska Kids Count! the group’s name changed to Great Alaska Schools to prevent confusion with Kids Count (a great resource on the welfare of children in Alaska and across the United States). Between 2004 & 2007 advocacy by respectful, persistent, determined participants tipped the debate in kids’ favor – The Legislature listened and first cuts stopped, then slowly, incrementally, modest increases were funded, positively impacting classrooms across the state.

In 2014 Alaska schools again face an uncertain future.

Parents are the tipping point in the funding and policy debate that will shape our state’s schools, and our state’s future.

Join us!

Great Alaska Schools Steering Committee 2014:
Andi Story, Lisa Worl, Mary Hakala, Valerie Waldrop, Deena Mitchel
Past steering committee members:  Jeff Friedman, Sue Hull, Mike Ford, Mike Sigler, Stephanie Allison
 Contact us if interested in representing your community!

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