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Legislative Protocol: A Primer

Helpful tips on interacting with the Legislature, courtesy of Anchorage School District:

Respect the institution – the government, the legislature, the governor’s office, the political/legislative process. It may not be perfect; but belittling it, rather than working to change it, will not make it more effective.

Respect the position if not the person. Voters elected legislators. They may not all meet one’s personal standards for being a legislator, nor will they necessarily hold the “right” view on the vital issues; but treat each legislator with respect.

Know and use legislators’ proper titles – senator, representative, governor – and address written correspondence appropriately. When speaking to a legislator, let the situation dictate the form of address. While one may be on a first name basis in an informal setting, in public a legislator should be addressed with his or her formal title.

When calling on government officials, dress appropriately. Formal meetings call for professional (business) attire, as do appearances before committees.

Know the issues, the pros and the cons. Legislators are busy people, and few have time for long-winded explanations. Be able to explain the matter at issue concisely and clearly.

When dealing with the sponsor of a bill of interest, be clear in expressing concerns. Know the sponsor’s positions in order to respond directly to them. Know the points on which compromise will be acceptable.

When testifying, always thank the committee chair and the committee for the opportunity to present your position, even if they disagree with your position.

Attack the issue, never the person.



2014 Legislative Committees, abridged

For full listing go to

House Education Committee
Chair Lynn Gattis
Vice Chair Lora Reinbold
Gabrielle LeDoux
Paul Seaton
Peggy Wilson
Harriet Drummond
Senate Education Committee
Chair Gary Stevens
Vice Chair Mike Dunleavy
Bert Stedman
Charlie Huggins
Berta Gardner
House Finance
Co-Chair Alan Austerman
Co-Chair Bill Stoltze
Vice Chair Mark Neuman Representative.Mark
Mia Costello
Bryce Edgmon
Lindsey Holmes
Cathy Munoz
Steve Thompson
Tammie Wilson
Les Gara
David Guttenberg
Mike Hawker
Senate Finance
Co-Chair Pete Kelly
Co-Chair Kevin Meyer
Vice Chair Anna Fairclough
Mike Dunleavy
Click Bishop
Donny Olson
Lyman Hoffman
House Judiciary
Chair Wes Keller
Vice Chair Bob Lynn
Neal Foster
Gabrielle LeDoux
Charisse Millett
Lance Pruitt
Max Gruenberg
House Leadership
Speaker of the House Mike Chenault Representative.Mike
Majority Leader Lance Pruitt
Minority Leader Chris Tuck
Senate Leadership
Senate President Charlie Huggins
Majority Leader John Coghill
Minority Leader Hollis French