Learn the Basics About Alaska Education Funding

The Base Student Allocation (BSA) is the per student allocation rate defined by our elected state representatives, senators and governor. The rate has remained largely the same since 2011. Following pressure from Great Alaska Schools and others advocating on behalf of students there was a small, and insufficient increase of about $100.

The ABCs of BSA

  • A) BSA is the source of most of the funds that make it to your student’s classroom.**
    • B) BSA is the best funding source for lawmakers to increase as it benefits all schools statewide.
    • C) BSA has not increased in 4 years—not even to cover the cost of inflation, let alone cost increases of everything that makes our schools work.

    **State law puts a cap on what municipalities can provide for school funding and federal funds are primarily for special programs.

    p.s. Knowledge is power – dive deeper into how school funding works by reading school funding 101.